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  Press Release No 164: 21.09.17: Shri B. Sambamurthy appointed as interim Chairman
  Press Release No 163: 09.09.17: NPCI hosts financial literacy through ‘Campus Connect’ for students.
  Press Release No 162: 14.08.17: Mr. A. P. Hota retires from MD & CEO position at NPCI
  Press Release No 161: 04.0817: NPCI records landmark volume of 1 billion transactions in July 2017
  Press Release No 160: 02.08.17: UPI transactions rose over 10 per cent in July to 11.63 million
  Press Release No 159: 28.07.17: NPCI receives final authorisation from RBI to function as Bharat Bill Payment Central Unit (BBPCU)
  Press Release No 158: 24.07.17: NPCI’s BHIM App crosses 16 million downloads mark
  Press Release No 157: 13.07.17: NPCI’s BHIM App launches educational videos for new customers
  Press Release No 156: 10.07.17: NPCI’s RuPay, UPI and AePS gain momentum in Q1 of FY 18
  Press Release No 155: 04.07.17: Karbonn brings India’s first smartphone ‘K9 Kavach 4G’ integrated with BHIM
  Press Release No 154: 04.07.17: BHIM transactions gaining pace with each passing month
  Press Release No 153: 03.07.17: NPCI’s UPI crosses 10 million transactions mark in June
  Press Release No 152: 24.06.17: RuPay embarks on Contactless cards segment in Ahmedabad
  Press Release No 151: 21.06.17: RuPay embarks on contactless cards segment
  Press Release No 150: 07.06.2017: NPCI launches a dedicated website for BHIM
  Press Release No 149: 25.05.2017: NPCI’s Unified Payments Interface live on more than 50 banks
  Press Release No 148: 16.05.17 : BHIM consumer referral scheme gains momentum
  Press Release No 147: 04.05.17: NPCI enables acceptance of JCB cards across ATMs & POS terminals in India
  Press Release No 146: UPI goes live on Samsung Pay in collaboration with Axis Bank
  Press Release No 145 : NPCI enables Aadhaar based payments through BHIM App
  Press Release No 144 : NPCI’s BHIM App hits Google PlayStore and iOS with updated version
  Press Release No 143: 07.04.17: NPCI disburses Rs. 245 crore worth prize money for NITI Aayog’s Lucky Draw Schemes
  Press Release No 142: 30.03.17: NPCI and Reliance launch India's first in-store UPI Payments facility
  Press Release No 141: 20.03.17: NPCI’s statement regarding UPI / BHIM
  Press Release No 140: 08.03.17: NPCI recognises exceptional performance in National Payments Excellence Awards
  Press Release No 139: 04.03.17:NPCI transforms villages into cash-lite villages
  Press Release No 138: 03.03.17: NPCI gets re-certified for three ISO standards
  Press Release No 137: 22.02.17: NPCI pilots APBS and UPI tools to digitize the Microfinance Industry
  Press Release No 136: 20.02.17: NPCI, MasterCard, Visa develop BharatQR
  Press Release No 135: 11.02.17: NPCI launches BHIM App on iOS platform
  Press Release No 134: 07.02.17: All Public Sector Banks to join BHIM by end of this month
  Press Release No 133: 25.01.17: NPCI’s BHIM App hits Google Play Store with updated version.
  Press Release No 132: 20.01.2017 : NPCI’s 2nd statement pertaining to ICICI Bank blocking PhonePe’s UPI transactions.
  Press Release No 131: 19.01.2017 : NPCI’s statement pertaining to ICICI Bank blocking PhonePe’s UPI transactions.
  Press Release No 130: 14-01-17: NPCI declares Rs 54.90 crore worth of prize money to over 3.42 lakh winners for NITI Aayog’s Lucky Draw Schemes
  Press Release No 129: 07-12-16: NPCI’s National Financial Switch achieves milestone with 100 direct member banks
  NPCI Clarification: 22-11-2016: NPCI clarifies that RuPay cards can be used for shopping as well
  Press Release No 128: 14-11-2016: NPCI waives switching fee for RuPay PoS and e-commerce transactions
  Press Release No 127: 11-11-16: RuPay records 100 per cent jump in usage at PoS
  Press Release No 126: 22-10-16: NPCI reiterates that only 641 bank customers complained about fraudulent activity to banks
  Press Release No 125: 20-10-16: Statement pertaining to press reports on debit card compromise
  Press Release No 124: 12-09-16: NPCI’s shareholding gets broad-based
  Press Release No 123: 08-09-16: NPCI Clarification: 08-09-16: Clarification on news reports pertaining to data compromise
  Press Release No 122: 31-08-16: NPCI initiates pilot project for Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS)
  Press Release No 121: 25-08-16: NPCI's Unified Payments Interface (UPI) set to go live
  Press Release No 120: 12-08-16: NPCI introduces USSD based *99# mobile app for customers
  Press Release No 119: 19-07-16: NPCI enables over 200 District Central Co-operative Banks with RuPay
  Press Release No 118/ 19-04-2016: NPCI extends insurance benefit to all RuPay cardholders
  Press Release No 117/ 11-04-2016: NPCI presents Unified Payments Interface (UPI) system
  Press Release No 116/ 21-03-2016: 1000 plus banks under NPCI network
  Press Release No 115/11-03-2016: NPCI awarded card protection certificate
  Press Release No 114/13-02-2016: NPCI organises Unified Payments Interface (UPI) Hackathon
  Press Release No 113/25-01-16: RuPay empowers Co-operative Bank customers in Odisha
  Press Release No 112/ 21-01-2016: RuPay empowers Co-operative Bank customers in Punjab
  Press Release No 111/ 09-1=01-2016: NPCI collaborates with CSC eGov to launch Aadhaar Enabled Payment System
  Press Release No 110/ 22-12-2015: NPCI presents National Payments Excellence Awards 2015
  Press Release No 109/ 25-11-2015: NPCI relaxes criteria for claiming personal accident insurance for RuPay
  Press Release No 108/ 15-10-2015: NPCI organizes 100+ training sessions for Banks, BC’s and Key Merchants
  Press Release No 107/ 08-09-2015: NPCI hosts nationwide e-Payment Literacy Workshop
  Press Release No 106/ 07-09-2015: NPCI announces nationwide e-Payment Literacy Workshop on World Literacy Day
  Press Release No 105/28-08-15: Shri Balachandran M reappointed as Chairman of NPCI
  Press Release No 104/23-07-15: NPCI assigns RS Software to build Digital Payments Enablement Platform
  Press Release No 103/ 29-06-15: NPCI and JCBI enter into a strategic partnership for JCB acceptance and card issuing in India
  Press Release No 102/10-06-15:Canara Bank sponsored RRBs launch IMPS service
  Press Release No 101/21-05-2015: NPCI hosts 'International conference on National Payment Systems' in India
  Press Release No 100/15-05-2015: Payment Companies World-over gather in Mumbai
  Press Release No 99/07-05-2015: Launch of SBI RuPay Platinum Debit card with attractive offers
  Press Release No 98/ 06-04-2015: RuPay card holders of all Public Sector Banks enable on eComm
  Press Release No 97/27-03-2015: All Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) enabled on RuPay and NACH.
  Press Release No 96/12-03-2015: J. Walter Thompson wins the creative mandate of NPCI
  Press Release No 95/06-03-2015: NPCI links 15 crore Bank accounts with Aadhaar.
  Press Release No 94/18-02-2015: NPCI initiates an ecosystem for Unified Payments Interface
  Press Release No 93/ 05-02-2015: NPCI proposes Unified Payment Architecture.
  Press Release No.92/ 15-12-14 : NPCI crosses 10 Crore Aadhaar numbers on National Financial Mapper
  Press Release No. 91/ 03-12-14 : NPCI institutionalizes National Payments Excellence Awards 2014
  Press Release No. 90/22-11-14 : 66 Clearing Houses merged into 3 with Cheque Truncation
  Press Release No. 89/ 21-11-14 : IMPS completes 4 years of operation
  Press Release N0. 88 / 13-10-14: Booking of Railway Ticket made easier through RuPay cards
  Press Release No. 87/ 07-08-14: NPCI & Bharatiya Mahila Bank launches first-ever RuPay Chip Card
  Press Release No. 86/08-05-14: President of India dedicates 'RuPay' to the nation
  Press Release No. 85/ 24-03-14 : NPCI achieves ISO 9001:2008 (QMS) & ISO 22301:2012 (BCM) certifications
  Press Release No 84/ 21-03-14 : m-Pesa joins Immediate Payment Service (IMPS)
  Press Release No. 83/ 13-02-14 : NPCI bags ICAI Award 2014 for Excellence in Financial Reporting
  Press Release No. 82/ 30-12-13 : Payments made through Aadhaar crosses a new milestone
  Press Release No. 81/ 27-12-13 : NFS Excellence Awards 2013 goes to SBI, ICICI and PMC Bank
  Press Release No 80/ 14-11-13 : NPCI's RuPay wins Skoch Renaissance Award 2013
  Press Release No 79/ 09-10-13 : Aadhaar makes person to person money transfer easier
  Press Release No.78/ 04-10-13 : Shri Balachandran M takes over as Chairman of NPCI Board
  Press Release No. 77/ 06-09-13 : NPCI's Aadhaar Payment Bridge wins Skoch Financial Inclusion Award 2013
  Press Release No 76/ 07-08-13 : RuPay debit card issuance by DNS bank, first-ever by any scheduled bank
  Press Release No. 75/ 31-07-13: NPCI introduces RuPay enabled chip-based debit cards, BoB & Saraswat Banks are first issuers
  Press Release No. 74/ 26-06-13: NPCI's IMPS service won 'Pay Expo Award' in London
  Press Release No. 73/ 21-06-13: NPCI launches RuPay PaySecure, an e-commerce solution
  Press Release No. 72/ 03-06-13: Aadhar Payments Bridge braces LPG subsidy of Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme
  PRESS RELEASE No 71/ 20-05-13 : Raigad District Central Cooperative Bank joins National Financial Switch
  PRESS RELEASE No 70/ 06-05-13 : NPCI & Oxigen Launch OxiCash Money Transfer
  PRESS RELEASE NO. 69/ 05-04-2013: RuPay's Strategic alliance with DFS
  PRESS RELEASE NO. 68/ 20-03-2013: Kisan Card
  PRESS RELEASE NO. 67/ 15-03-2013: IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) - India's first 24 x 7 instant domestic money transfer service
  PRESS RELEASE NO. 66/ 02-01-2013: Aadhaar Payments Bridge on first day of Direct Cash Transfer
  PRESS RELEASE No. 65/28-12-2012 : West Bengal State Cooperative Bank takes lead in Banking Technology
  PRESS RELEASE No. 64/21-12-2012 : Corporation Bank has gone live on IMPS using Account No and IFS Code
  PRESS RELEASE No. 63/17-12-2012 : NFS ATM Operational Excellence Awards
  PRESS RELEASE No. 62/11-12-2012 : BNP Paribas joins IMPS
  PRESS RELEASE No. 61/ 24-11-2012: Honourable Finance Minister of India launched NPCI's National Unified USSD Platform (NUUP) in Bancon, 2012
  PRESS RELEASE No. 60/ 24-11-2012: Finance Minister launches RuPay Kisan Card in Bancon, 2012
  PRESS RELEASE No. 59/ 09-11-2012: One Lakh plus ATMs in India
  PRESS RELEASE No. 58/ 06-11-2012: Saraswat Co-operative Bank joins IMPS
  PRESS RELEASE No. 57/ 25-09-2012: Now devote money to Lalbaughcha Raja through SMS
  PRESS RELEASE No. 56/ 24-09-2012: Dial *99# to become a Mobile Banking User
  PRESS RELEASE No. 55/ 10-09-2012: Mobile Banking customers can now make payments to merchants and enterprises through IMPS Merchant Payments
  PRESS RELEASE No. 54 / 23-8-12 : NPCI revises Interchange and Pricing for RuPay Card scheme
  PRESS RELEASE No. 53/25--07-2012 : Punjab & Maharashtra Co-operative Bank joins IMPS
  PRESS RELEASE No. 52/12--07-2012 : Janata Sahakari Bank joins IMPS
  PRESS RELEASE No. 51/04-07-2012 : United Bank of India joins IMPS
  PRESS RELEASE No. 50/30-05-2012 : Acculynk and National Payments Corporation of India Announce Internet PIN Debit Partnership
  PRESS RELEASE No. 49/14-05-2012 : Dena Bank joins IMPS
  PRESS RELEASE No. 48/09-05-2012 : The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, India (HSBC India) joins IMPS
  PRESS RELEASE No. 47/27-04-2012 : Central Bank of India joins IMPS
  PRESS RELEASE No. 46/25-04-2012 : Allahabad Bank joins IMPS
  PRESS RELEASE No. 45/17-04-2012 : State Bank of Patiala joins IMPS
  PRESS RELEASE No. 44/30-03-2012 : The Thane Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd joins IMPS
  PRESS RELEASE No. 43/30-03-2012: State Bank of Mysore joins IMPS
  PRESS RELEASE No. 42/26-03-2012 :-Launch of RuPay Debit Card - India's Own Card
  PRESS RELEASE No. 41/09-03-2012 International Partner Alliance, National Payments Corporation of India & Discover Financial Services
  PRESS RELEASE No. 40/02-03-2012 :- IMPS remittance service extended to No Frills Account Holders
  PRESS RELEASE No. 39/02-03-2012 :- State Bank of Travancore joins IMPS
  PRESS RELEASE No.38/19-01-2012 :- State Bank of Hyderabad joins IMPS
  PRESS RELEASE No. 37/03-01-2012 :- The AP Mahesh Bank Hyderabad & Jalore Nagrik Sahakari Bank join NFS ATM network
  PRESS RELEASE No.36/03-01-2012 :- Three more Banks join IMPS
  PRESS RELEASE No.35/24-11-2011:- The Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd join NFS ATM network
  PRESS RELEASE No.34/02-11-2011:- Bank of Baroda joins IMPS.
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