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       CTS Circulars

Sl. No. Circular / Letter Number Description Applicable to GRID
22 NPCI/NFS/OC No.254/2017-18 Recovery of CTS Annual Network charges-Important note All
21 NPCI/2017-18/CTS/L018 Commencement of P2F - Tamluk All
20 NPCI/2017-18/CTS/Circular No.017 Using Handheld Devices for scanning of instruments All
19 NPCI/2017-18/CTS/L017 Commencement of P2F - Contai All
18 NPCI/2017-18/CTS/Circular No.016 Capturing of free text in return memo-Return reason (88) All
17 NPCI/2017-18/CTS/L016 Commencement of P2F - Midnapore All
16 NPCI/2017-18/CTS/Circular No.015 Revision in testing fee for certification of cts 2010 sample cheques All
15 NPCI/2017-18/CTS/L015 Commencement of P2F - Khargapur All
14 NPCI/2017-18/CTS/Circular No.014 Commencement of P2F Session Chandrapur Western Grid
13 NPCI/2017-18/CTS/012 Change of Address kolkata P2F centre-Effective from 3rd July 2017
12 NPCI/2017-18/CTS/011 List of Ms patches to be deployed in all CHI May2017
List of MS patches to be deployed in all CHI May 2017-Annexure
11 NPCI/2017-18/CTS/010 Commencement of P2F for Shillong Location All
10 NPCI/2017-18/CTS/009 Commencement of P2F for Silchar Location All
9 NPCI/2017-18/CTS/008 National Archival Services(NAS)Charges All
8 NPCI/2017-18/CTS/007 Capturing of IQA test Parameter All
7 NPCI/2017-18/CTS/006 Change of address for P2F Kolkata Centre Southern Grid
6 NPCI/2017-18/CTS/005 Enhanced Features in CHI All
5 NPCI/2017-18/CTS/004 Issue of new NPCI ID cards at P2F Centre in Mumbai All
4 NPCI/2017-18/CTS/003 National Archival services - API - Annexure All
3 NPCI/2017-18/CTS/003 National Archival services - API All
2 NPCI/2017-18/CTS/002 National Archival services - Charges All
1 NPCI/2017-18/CTS/001 List of MS patch for CHI servers - April 2017 All

Sl. No. Circular / Letter Number Description Applicable to GRID
28 NPCI/ 2016-2017/CTS/Circular no.43 Release of Certified MS patches for CHI server All
27 NPCI/ 2016-2017/CTS/Circular no.42 Non MICR clearing house - ECCS All
26 NPCI/2016-2017/CTS/Circular No. 37 CTS Uniform Holiday List for Calendar Year 2017- Southern Grid Southern
25 NPCI/2016-2017/CTS/Circular No. 39 CTS Uniform Holiday List for Calendar Year 2017- Northern Grid Northern
24 NPCI/2016-2017/CTS/Circular No. 38 CTS Uniform Holiday List for Calendar Year 2017- Western Grid Western
23 NPCI/ 2016-17/CTS/32 New clearing type for special clearing session All
22 NCR Note RBI-NPCI CHI Specification V 2.5 All
21 NPCI/2016-17/CTS/Circular No. 31 Release of New Specification document version 2.5 All
20 NPCI/2016-17/CTS/Circular No. 30A Clarification on TDS on Link charges to NPCI All
19 NPCI/CHENNAI/2016-17/CTS/118 Commencement of Paper to Follow (P2F) process in Malda Southern
18 NPCI/CHENNAI/2016-17/CTS/094 Commencement of Paper to Follow (P2F) process in Durgapur Southern
17 NPCI/CHENNAI/2016-17/CTS/092 Commencement of Paper to Follow (P2F) process in Burdwan Southern
16 NPCI/CHENNAI/2016-17/CTS/119 Commencement of Paper to Follow (P2F) process in Berhampore Southern
15 NPCI/CHENNAI/2016-17/CTS/093 Commencement of Paper to Follow (P2F) process in Asansol Southern
14 NPCI/CHENNAI/2016-17/CTS/097 Commencement of Paper to Follow (P2F) process in Agartala Southern
13 NPCI/CHENNAI/2016-17/CTS/117 Commencement of Paper to Follow (P2F) process in BIJAPUR Southern
12 NPCI/2016-17/CTS/Circular No. 30 TDS on processing charges of NPCI All
11 NPCI 2016-17/CTS/Circular no. 29 Fees paid to NPCI All
10 NCR Note CPPS File Specification All
9 NPCI 2016-17/CTS/Circular no. 28 CPPS Specification for banks All
8 NPCI Chennai 2016-17/CTS/104 Commencement of Paper to Follow Process in Bellary Southern
7 NPCI 2016-17/CTS/Circular No. 27 Implementation of SFTP in all CHI All
6 NPCI Chennai 2016-17/CTS/092 Non-MICR P2F Commencement in Burdwan Southern
5 NPCI Chennai 2016-17/CTS/093 Non-MICR P2F Commencement in Asansol Southern
4 NPCI Chennai 2016-17/CTS/094 Non-MICR P2F Commencement in Durgapur Southern
3 NPCI Chennai 2016-17/CTS/062 Non-MICR P2F Commencement in Tumkur Southern
2 NPCI 2016-17/CTS/26 CTS MICR repair flag - Extension on removal of old schema All
1 NPCI 2016-17/CTS/029 Advisory note - Enable secure communication between CH and CHG All

2015- 16
Sl. No. Circular / Letter Number Description Applicable to GRID
50 NPCI 2015-16/CTS/Circular no. 52 CPPS-Circular on Concept Note All
49 NPCI/CHENNAI/2015-16/144 Commencement of Paper to Follow at Udupi Southern
48 NPCI/2015-16/CTS/Circular No.24 Circular No.24-18th CTS Steering Committee update All
47 RBI SOP Final Standard Operating Procedure - Discontinuation of Central Govt cheques in P2F All
46 NPCI 2015-16/CTS/23 Changes in MICR Repair Flag and Other Reason All
45 NPCI 2015-16/Northern/021 CTS Uniform Holiday List for Calendar Year 2016 - Northern Grid Northern
44 NPCI 2015-16/CHENNAI/021 CTS Uniform Holiday List for Calendar Year 2016 - Southern Grid Southern
43 RBI Circular no. 253/2015-16 Cheque Truncation System - Uniform Holiday List for Calendar Year 2016 WESTERN
42 RBI/CIRCULAR/2015-16/ Circular RBI -  Revised CTS Holidays WESTERN
41 NPCI/CHENNAI/2015-16/H Circular No. h-P2F Commencement Letter_Thiruvarur_Non Micr SOUTHERN
40 RBI/CIRCULAR/2015-16/ Circular RBI -  Revised CTS Holidays WESTERN
39 NPCI/CHENNAI/2015-16/H Circular No. h-P2F Commencement Letter_Thiruvarur_Non Micr SOUTHERN
38 NPCI/CHENNAI/2015-16/G Circular No. g-P2F Commencement Letter_Sivakasi_Non Micr SOUTHERN
37 NPCI/CHENNAI/2015-16/F Circular No. f-P2F Commencement Letter_Sivagangai_Non Micr SOUTHERN
36 NPCI/CHENNAI/2015-16/E Circular No. e-P2F Commencement Letter_Ramanathapuram_Non Micr SOUTHERN
35 NPCI/CHENNAI/2015-16/D Circular No. d-P2F Commencement Letter_Rajapalayam_Non Micr SOUTHERN
34 NPCI/CHENNAI/2015-16/C Circular No. c-P2F Commencement Letter_Perambalur_Non Micr SOUTHERN
33 NPCI/CHENNAI/2015-16/B Circular No. b-P2F Commencement Letter_Nagapattinam_Non Micr SOUTHERN
32 NPCI/CHENNAI/2015-16/A Circular No. a-P2F Commencement Letter_Karaikudi_Non Micr SOUTHERN
31 NPCI/2015-16/CTS/063 Circular No. 63 Commencement of P2F centre at Bhuj WESTERN
30 NPCI/2015-16/CTS/062 Circular No. 62 Commencement of P2F centre at Gandhidham WESTERN
29 NPCI/2015-16/CTS/049 Circular No. 49 Revision in Saturday Presentation and P2F timings WESTERN
28 NPCI/2015-16/CTS/CIRCULAR NO. 48 Circular No.48-Discarding_tested_CTS_2010_sample_cheques ALL
27 NPCI/CHENNAI/2015-16/034 Circular No.34-Commencement of P2F Process_Theni SOUTHERN
26 NPCI/CHENNAI/2015-16/032 Circular No.32-P2F Commencement Letter - Arakkonam SOUTHERN
25 NPCI/2015-16/CTS/Circular no.32 Circular No.32 Process to be followed for Renewal of Class III Certificate ALL
24 NPCI/2015-16/CTS/031 Circular No.31 Cheque Presentment Cut off time WESTERN
23 NPCI/2015-16/RMD/026 Circular No.26-Fraud Reporting for CTS ALL
22 NPCI/2015-16/CTS/Circular No.25 - Annexure Circular No. 25-Annexure - Specification document Version 2.4 ALL
21 NPCI/2015-16/CTS/Circular No.25 Circular No. 25-Release of New Specification Doc Version 2.4 ALL
20 NPCI/2015-16/CTS/CIRCULAR NO. 18 Circular No.18-NAS Service Lever Agreement - Extension of Time ALL
19 NPCI/CHENNAI/2015-16/016 Circular No.16-P2F Commencement Letter_Neyveli_Non Micr SOUTHERN
18 NPCI/2015-16/CTS/CIRCULAR NO. 16 Circular No.16-National_Archival_Service_Points_to_be_Noted_new ALL
17 NPCI/2015-16/CTS/CIRCULAR NO. 15 Circular No.15-National_Archival_Service _Summary_of_changes_in_SLA ALL
16 NPCI/CHENNAI/2015-16/014 Circular No.14-P2F Commencement Letter_Nagercoil_Non Micr SOUTHERN
15 NPCI/2015-16/CTS/CIRCULAR NO. 14 Circular No.14-National_Archival_Service_Change_in_stamp_duty_for_SLA ALL
14 NPCI/2015-16/CTS/CIRCULAR NO. 13 Circular No.13-National Archival Services-SLA ALL
13 NPCI/CHENNAI/2015-16/013 Circular No.13-Commenecement of P2F at Pudukkottai SOUTHERN
12 NPCI/2015-16/CTS/013 Circular No.13 Change in Venue of P2F Centre in Raipur WESTERN
11 NPCI/2015-16/CTS/12 Circular No.12-New CHI reports-MICR repair and BOFD detailed outward ALL
10 NPCI/CHENNAI/2015-16/012 Circular No.12-Commencement of P2F process in Hosur SOUTHERN
9 NPCI/2015-16/CTS/CIRCULAR NO. 11 Circular No.11-Validations on return description field for reason code 88 ALL
8 NPCI/CHENNAI/2015-16/010 Circular No.10-Change of Venue at Karur P2F centre SOUTHERN
7 NPCI/CHENNAI/2015-16/009 Circular No.09-Commencement of P2F centre at Vellore SOUTHERN
6 NPCI/CHENNAI/2015-16/008 Circular No.08-Commencement of P2F centre at Tiruvannamalai SOUTHERN
5 NPCI/CHENNAI/2015-16/007 Circular No.07-Commencement of P2F centre at Karur SOUTHERN
4 NPCI/CHENNAI/2015-16/006 Circular No.06-Commencement of P2F centre at Mailaduthurai SOUTHERN
3 NPCI/CHENNAI/2015-16/005 Circular No.05-Commencement of P2F centre at Kumbakonam SOUTHERN
2 NPCI/CHENNAI/2015-16/004 Circular No.04-Commencement of P2F centre at Thanjavur SOUTHERN
1 NPCI/CHENNAI/2015-16/003 Circular No.03-Commencement of P2F centre at Udagamandalam SOUTHERN

2014 - 15
Sl. No. Circular / Letter Number Description Applicable to GRID
31   RBI Circular -Cheque Related Fraud- Preventive Measures ALL
30 NPCI/MUMBAI CTS/2014-15/126 Circular No. 126 Change of Venue - Kolhapur P2F Centre Western
29 NPCI/MUMBAI CTS/2014-15/125 Circular No. 125 Change of Venue Goa P2F Centre Western
28 NPCI/2014-15/CTS/117 Circular No. 117 CTS Uniform Holidays - Western Grid - 2015 Western
27 NPCI/2014-15/CTS/2014-15/116 Circular No. 116 Change of Venue at P2F Centre Surat Western
26 NPCI/2014-15/CTS/2014-15/109 Circular No. 109 Change of Venue at P2F Centre Ahmedbad Western
25 NPCI/2014-15/CTS/108 Circular No. 108-Payee name project update ALL
24 NPCI/2014-15/CTS/105 Circular No. 105 Change in P2F Sessions - Feedback Western
23 NPCI/2014-15/CTS/103 Circular No. 103 Change in membership  type in CTS Scenario Western
22 NPCI/2014-15/CTS/102 Circular No. 102 Quality in data capture Western
21 NPCI/NORTHERN/2014-15/102 Circular No. 102 CTSUniformHolidayforCalendarYear2015_NorthernGrid NORTHERN
20 NPCI/2014-15/CTS/2014-15/101 Circular No. 101 Change in P2F Centre at Ahmedabad Western
19 NPCI/2014-15/CTS/080 Circular No. 80-TDS for CTS Processing Charges ALL
18 NPCI/2014-15/CTS/062 Circular No. 62-Introduction of Reports in CSV Format ALL
17 NPCI/2014-15/CTS/058 Circular No. 58- Quality of Data Capture ALL
16 NPCI/2014-15/NACH/CIRCULAR NO.55 Circular No. 55- CTS Extended Help Desk for NACH and CTS ALL
15 NPCI/2014-15/CTS/051 Circular No. 51-Adherence of P2F Process ALL
14 NPCI/2014-15/CTS/050 Circular No. 50-Request for physical cheques ALL
13 NPCI/2014-15/CTS/049 Circular No. 49- Return of P2F instruments ALL
12 NPCI/2014-15/CTS/036 Circular No. 36-CTS Clearing MICR Reject Repair Flag ALL
11 NPCI/2014-15/CTS/031 Circular No. 31- CTS operational excellence award ALL
10 NPCI/2014-15/CTS/028 Circular No. 28 Ensuring Prompt availability of funds for settlement Western
9 NPCI/2014-15/CTS/016 Circular No. 16-CTS ECPIX Files Monitoring ALL
8 NPCI/CTS/2014-15/015 Circular No. 15 Change of Non CTS session calender from May 01, 2014 ALL
7 NPCI/2014-15/CTS/CIRCULAR NO. 9 Circular No. 9-New Process for CTS TDS Processing ALL
6 NPCI/2014-15/CTS/CIRCULAR NO. 6 Circular No. 6-CTS_Uniform_Holiday_for_Calendar_Year_215_Southern_Grid SOUTHERN
5 NPCI/2014-15/CTS/CIRCULAR NO. 5 Circular No. 5-making Payee Name & Short Account Number(SAN) ALL
4 NPCI/2014-15/CTS/04 Circular No. 4-Changes in Govt. Cheques ALL
3 NPCI/2014-15/CTS/03 Circular No. 3 Cheque Related Fraud- Preventive Measures ALL
2 NPCI/2014-15/CTS/CIRCULAR NO. 2 Circular No. 2 Processing_for_CTS_related_charges ALL
1 NPCI/2014-15/CTS/CIRCULAR NO. 1 Circular No. 1-Dispensation of the requirement of forwarding of government cheques in physical form to Government ALL

2013 - 14
Sl. No. Circular / Letter Number Description Applicable to GRID
17 NPCI/Mumbai CTS/2013-14/2777 Circular No. 2777- Dispute Resolution Mechanism- Modalities for referring the cases to PRD WESTERN
16 NPCI/CTS/2013-14/2755 Circular No. 2755- National Archive Facility to banks ALL
15 NPCI/Mumbai CTS/2013-14/2717 Circular No. 2717- Commencement of Paper to Follow (P2F) Centre at Jabalpur WESTERN
14 NPCI/CTS/2013-14/2676 Circular No. 2676- Form No 16A TDS Certificate WESTERN
13 NPCI/Mumbai CTS/2013-14/2669 Circular No. 2669- Commencement of Paper to Follow (P2F) Centre at Kolhapur WESTERN
12 NPCI/Mumbai CTS/2013-14/2605 Circular No. 2605- Commencement of Paper to Follow (P2F) Centre at Bhavnagar WESTERN
11 NPCI/Mumbai CTS/2013-14/2557 Circular No. 2557- Change in venue-Paper to follow (P2F) session at Mumbai WESTERN
10 NPCI/Mumbai CTS/2013-14/2440 Circular No. 2440- Commencement of Paper to Follow (P2F) Centre at Jamnagar WESTERN
9 NPCI/Mumbai CTS/2013-14/2369 Circular No. 2369- Commencement of Paper to Follow (P2F) Centre at Baroda WESTERN
8 NPCI/Mumbai CTS/2013-14/2354 Circular No. 2354- Maker/Checker control in capture system WESTERN
7 NPCI/Mumbai CTS/2013-14/2331 Circular No. 2331- Commencement of Paper to Follow (P2F) Centre at Raipur WESTERN
6 NPCI/Mumbai CTS/2013-14/2330 Circular No. 2330- Commencement of Paper to follow(P2F) centre at Nagpur WESTERN
5 NPCI/CTS/2013-14/2225 Circular No. 2225- Cheque Truncation System - Uniform Holidays for 2014 WESTERN
4 NPCI/Mumbai CTS/2013-14/1357 Circular No. 1357- Process of seeking Extension in Cheque Clearing System ALL
3 NPCI/CTS/2013-14/073 Circular No. 073- Extension request by Banks ALL
2 NPCI/Mumbai CTS/2013-14/072 Circular No.  072- Settlement & Default Handling Procedure in Multilateral and Deferred Net Settlement System Under Payment and Settlement System Act, 2007 WESTERN
1 NPCI/Mumbai CTS/2013-14/071 Circular No.  071- Revision of the timings of Presentation Clearing, Return Clearing and P2F Session WESTERN

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